Psychology Application and Research Center

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Izmir University of Economics  

Psychology Research and Application Center (PUAM)

About Us

IUE Psychology Research and Application Center was established as a center where the necessary observations and practices will be carried out for our Clinical Psychology graduate students to be trained as clinicians with high professional skills. It is also a research center that guides scientific research in the field of clinical psychology. In this respect, while providing services to those who need support with their psychological problems, researches are being conducted on different psychological diagnosis samples.

The mission of the center is to facilitate the access of those who are in need of competent psychological counseling services in our country where qualified psychological counseling services are limited and quite costly. For this purpose, we aim to contribute to public health by providing services specially adult, psychological counseling, psychoeducation studies, group work.

Who Can Benefit?

The center serves Izmir University of Economics staff, as well as external applicants.

What is Psychological Support?
Psychological support aims to help individuals gain and maintain a psychological well-being. It is the process of supporting the person in solving their individual or social problems. During this process, the therapist takes a supportive role, with an objective approach, without giving "advice" to the individuals so they can find the original solution and the cause of the problem. The content and length of the Psychological Support process varies from person to person.

What is Supervision?

In addition to specialist clinical psychologists, clinical psychology graduate program students conduct supervised interviews as part of their education. Supervision, which is an educational process, is the evaluation and exchange of ideas by educational level psychologists about their meetings with their professors. This educational process contributes to graduate students, who will major in the field of clinical psychology, by allowing them to benefit from the experience of experienced therapists and the psychological support process being evaluated by an expert eye.